Talking texture: the new way to style velvet

Forget the overstuffed cushions in grandma’s living room and the in-your-face printed velvet of 70s hotel lobbies. Velvet’s back, fresher than ever and we’re not talking about when it’s hanging in your wardrobe. Today’s velvet is lush with a subtle nod to retro designs, making it the perfect partner for modern homes. Think bold, striking colour and a rich opulent feel. The new way to do velvet is to do it right now.

Try statement seating

Go big and take your first step with statement pieces. If you’re feeling brave, try classic silhouettes swathed in plush velvet in your living room and accent them with throws in contrasting textures. The effect is instant luxe appeal and when you’re laying back on a velvet chesterfield sofa like this one, total peace.

Add a strong accent

An accent chair’s a timeless classic. So make the velvet look matter in your home and dress your corners. Pairing a velvet armchair with brass accents and sumptuous rugs add warmth while keeping the feel vibrant and modern.

Accessorise all areas

Feeling shy? Don’t shrink in the face of velvet’s glamorous look. Add touches of the rich fabric throughout your space to introduce the trend – without lifting a finger. We love simple jewel-toned velvet cushions contrasted with natural materials for a result that combines classic luxe with a contemporary spin. Or slip a velvet ottoman under your dressing table and you’re guaranteed an opulent look – with the streamlined finish of modern style.

Article written by: Lola Oriowo
Photography by: Anna Batchelor, Styling by: Tamineh Dhondy

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