A cut above: 5 wall decor ideas for small living rooms

Got a small living room? Don't panic: we've got big design ideas. Take your small living room to the next level, whatever your taste and budget, with these 5 wall decor ideas – designed to maximise your space, your style and your Instagram cred.

1. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who's the fairest of them all? Your small living room, with the right wall mirror. Mirrors are a great wall decor idea when space is scarce: they reflect light to brighten up small rooms (especially when hung opposite a window), while also creating a feeling of extra space. Win win. A gridded mirror will work as an optical illusion, thanks to its window-like appearance. While a wide mirror on your largest wall will accentuate your small living room's better proportions, drawing the eye across its width. For an industrial look, go for a metallic mirror in brass or black. Or, for a modern look, choose a mirror in an unusual, organic shape.

2. Pretty as a picture (frame)

Wall-mounted picture frames are making a big comeback. A contemporary picture frame is an easy way to add style and personality to your living room, while saving your limited surface space for your other prized possessions. To create a gallery wall full of memories, choose picture frames in similar styles but different shapes. Tip: leave plenty of empty wall space around your pictures to avoid a cluttered, cramped look. Or, choose a multi picture frame. You'll fit more pictures in for your buck, and use less space than you would when framing each photo separately.

3. Art of style

Wall art's always a winner when it comes to small living rooms, especially if they're lacking in natural light. It's an easy, affordable way to add deeper colours and tones to your space, while keeping the rest of your room light and bright. Just make sure to match your wall art to your decor style – for industrial rooms, choose art prints that are minimal and metallic. Or for a more traditional living room, retro wall art – like vintage maps and movie posters – makes an effective finishing flourish.

4. Not just ornamental

Filling your coffee table and sideboard with objets d'art and ornaments is a sure-fire way to make your small living room feel even smaller. But don't panic: well-chosen wall sculptures will create the same arty look without the risk of overcrowding. As with wall art, choose pieces that suit your interior style to level-up your look.

5. Functional forms

Wall decor ideas that consider function as well as form are ideal when living room space is really tight. Opting for a wall clock means your mantle is kept clear and uncluttered, while design-led storage solutions like wall hooks and shelves will give you extra space, as well as added style. But don't get too carried away: remember, when a small room's too busy, it'll look even smaller.

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