Want to create an indoor garden? Here’s how.

Earthy boho styling, natural materials, and THAT collection of cacti – Craig Williams’ home is a botanical lover’s dream. The photographer and plant-obsessive certainly knows a thing or two about greenifying spaces (just look at his Insta feed), so who better to ask for tips on creating an indoor jungle? Read on if you want to make your own.



1. Positioning and lighting is everything. So when you’re choosing plants, you need to bear in mind where you’re going to place them based on their individual needs. Low on light? There are some great fake plants out there, too.  

2. When it comes to styling, it’s all about trial and error – start by grouping different plants together to see what works best. Personally, I like to use raised planters or stand some plants on top of furniture to make sure they can be seen.

3. Use natural textures to create a bohemian vibe. I’m obsessed with wood and cane pieces, and have collected many over the years. Plants pots are a great way to add texture too – there are so many different shapes, colours and materials to choose from, but I tend to gravitate towards rattan or terracotta.

4. Not the most successful plant parent? Pick botanical accessories and wall art instead. Although I’m not one for bold patterns or colours, I like to introduce subtle hints with cushions or a rug. It fascinates me how swapping something so small can change a whole space.

5. Finally, stay true to your style. My interior has evolved over time - I’ve always loved lots of green, but I’ve also become a big fan of 60s pottery and Scandinavian furniture. Instead of being led by the latest trend, I try to buy sturdy, timeless pieces, mixed with vintage or second-hand things.



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