Want to create the designer look on a budget? Here’s how.

Hung up on high-end interiors, but don’t have the funds to create your own? You’ve come to the right place. Amsterdam-based art director, Floor Knaapen, knows a thing or two about curating a look on a tight budget – working on creative projects that span from trend stories, to photo exhibitions. Her conclusion? It’s all in the accessories. Scroll on for her tips.



1. Individuality is essential, so collect small objects that show your personality, and combine them in unexpected ways. I always think that if something’s styled too perfectly, it looks as if you’ve ‘bought’ your taste – and you don’t want your home to feel like a showroom.

2. Place items made out of natural and raw materials – such as marble, earthenware and brass – next to things you’ve had for years. It’ll really elevate them.

3. When creating a display, go for a tonal colour palette. Focusing on one particular colour draws attention to the shapes and materials. I love white because it’s timeless, so I combined a ceramic bowl and vases. (More into pink? Then check this out.)

4. Likewise, a simple backdrop like a minimalist sofa, sideboard or rug, is the perfect setting for your one-of-a-kind accessories. It’s easier to create an identity when there’s no fuss distracting from it all.

5. Let your favourite pieces take centre stage – it definitely makes them feel more luxe. If your space is small, display your stuff on a nesting table.

6. Dot graphic elements throughout your home. I’ve gone for some bold shapes (like this large arched mirror and decorative object) and put them in unexpected places – it means that the designs really stand out.



Article written by: Gwen Gassler

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