Warming up: 4 ways to make your bedroom more comfy

With the weather getting colder, now’s the perfect time to cosy up your bedroom. Ready to get snug? From choosing the best bed to getting the light right, here are our top tips on making your sleep spot a warm and welcoming retreat.



1. Upholstered beds 

There’s nothing quite as cosy as an upholstered bed. Take Kooper for example – the dark blue velvet is super soft, and the curved headboard will hug you in. Cory’s just as inviting, and is part of our Custom MADE range, so you can pick between seven colours and four leg options (don’t say we never spoil you). Or if you're short on space, Higgs is the way to go. With handy hidden drawers on both sides, it’ll keep your spare linens out of sight. 

2. Bedding 

So you’ve got the bed sorted. Next up? Your bedding. Take a snooze on the wild side with Akey and Anza. Those tropical designs will give you summer vibes all year long, and add a splash of rich colour to your space. But if your bedroom’s on the small end of scale (or you’re simply more of a minimalist), it’s best not to overdo it with too many prints. Instead, go for something pared-back like Zana – the soft organic cotton will go with any design scheme, and match whatever textiles you throw on top. Speaking of which...


3. Throws and cushions

Once you’ve set the tone with your bedding, it’s time to add an extra layer of warmth. Spun from an insulating lambswool mix, our Burley throw is a great option whether you’re turning in for the night, or curling up with your favourite series. After a more traditional bedspread? Meet Giacomo. It’s made from quilted cotton velvet and comes in three contemporary colourways. The final touch? Cushions. And lots of. Go for snuggly textures like sheepskin and faux fur to really amp up the comfort. 


4. Lighting 

Now that you’ve given your bed all the attention it deserves, it’s time to glow. Vetro’s a great option on your bedside table – the frosted glass diffuses the light, so it’s never too harsh. Need a lamp that you can adjust to your needs? Ogilvy and Axton are always ready to swing by, whether you want to put the spotlight on your latest novel, or brighten up your morning routine. Looking for more advice on lighting up your home this winter? Check out our handy guide.

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