The dark side(s): 9 ways to make moody walls work

There's no need to be afraid of the dark—when it comes to interiors, that is. Want the decadence of deep colours minus the drama of decorating around them? Here are ten frightfully easy ways to style your moody-hued walls...

1. Metallics

Accessories with shiny finishes bounce the natural light around—and they look extra luxe, too. Let there be light, and lots of it.

2. Plants

Green plants pop against deep walls. Plus, the rich tones give the leaves added lushness. The taller the plant, the better.

3. White

Opposites attract, right? So it makes sense that bright, white objects look amazing against dark-toned walls.

4. Artwork

Deep wall colours make for a dramatic space to show-off artwork. Go for a single, super-sized piece to make a real statement.

5. Sculptural

Place anything angular in front of a dark wall and your eye will be immediately drawn to its contours. Bonus points for something in contrasting white.

6. Texture

Deep, decadent walls call out for rich, touchable textures, like velvet, faux fur and marble. More is most definitely more.

7. Wood

Natural, stripped-back wood looks great against the starkness of a deep-hued wall. Sort of Scandi-goes-Gothic, and we're into it.

8. Wallpaper

Scared of the dark? Try wallpaper with a dark pattern to lift the otherwise flat colour. Go for a deep ground, with a brighter print and colour-pop accessories.

9. Pastels

Darks walls can be cosy, when paired with the contrasting tones of pretty pastels. Try soothing sugary tones in the bedroom for the sweetest of dreams.

Article written by: Natalie Wall

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