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Wine lovers’ tips on dressing the dinner table

Got a birthday or anniversary coming up? If you’re planning on preparing an intimate dinner at home to celebrate, the wine-loving women behind Salon Vin Naturel are here to help you pull it off. They know a thing or two about creating elegant tablescapes that are easy to achieve, but still feel special. Read on for their tips.



1. We like our food as colourful as it gets, but when it comes to cutlery, simplicity is key. Classic materials and shapes will prevent your table from looking too busy, and let the food be the star of the show.

2. Whether you opt for white, red, orange or rosé, switching up your wine glasses while you’re enjoying your meal can be a bit of a faff. Keep things easy by sticking to one pretty glass that's an all-rounder.

3. If, like us, you enjoy stretching out the evening with plenty of wine, food and good conversation, opt for a buffet instead of formally serving courses. Hearty salads and charcuterie look great arranged on serving platters, and feel inviting, too. And to taste as much as possible, lay out a full dinner set containing different plates and bowls. (For even more tips on serving up a shared spread, read this.) 

4. A simple flower arrangement adds a little sparkle to your table and makes your dinner feel more celebratory. No need to go OTT here – stick to small, delicate flowers in the same colour palette, and pop them in a neutral vase.

5. Set up a cosy nook to lounge in once you’re ready to leave the table. Soft textiles, throws, and cushions create a cosy atmosphere where you can wind down with a digestif.



Article written by: Jos Nuijten

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