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Pots & Pans Set

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15 products

Aesthetics in every detail

Sometimes it takes us by surprise to see aesthetically pleasing objects that we never imagined to look any good. Many of these objects are based around the kitchen. The moment, a paper roll holder becomes a piece of art on your countertop or a dish drainer looks like a sculptor filled with clean dishes, will surely be a moment to remember.

We know that feeling and we love to be taken by surprise and so we took the task to take out the best of each object and transform it into an eye-catcher that not only looks fantastic but is also made of high quality at an affordable price.

Pots and pans that will leave you speechless 

Where do you store your pots and pans? Away from curious looks and out of sight? We believe the time has come to take at least your favourite two out and place them on your stove - for the other ones we designed elegant cabinets as the perfect organiser for your space. Take a look and find the best designs for your personal taste and kitchen! 

Happy colours, happy you

Who knows, maybe you will be inspired for new recipe creations every time you pass the good looking pair of pots and pans? Be sure to feel all sorts of happy feelings once you take a look at the different colours of our steel pots that are the optimum choice for a delicious stew to be prepared in. In fact, they look so good, you will want to place them directly on your dinner table instead of having to serve everything from bowls and serving dishes.

Looking for a whole set?

We have single pans and pots but if you want to stock up on a bigger scale, we got you! We designed non-sticking, elegant looking sets of 3 that not only include a classic stockpot as well as a saucepan but also a casserole pan so you can get as creative as you like with your next cooking session. Oh, we should also mention that the set of 3 sounds like a heavy delivery? Well, how about if we tell you that we do not only deliver straight to your house but also have some lightweight aluminium options designed and ready to be shipped to your doorstep. 

Something for your stove as well as your oven

When you hear the word porcelain you will probably think of something delicate and elegant? How about we tell you that elegant yes but delicate no - at least in this case. While your stove is looking good, how about the right pot for a new roasting dish, made of porcelain enamel?