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Drinking glasses

Rethinking the humble tumbler

When we think about drinkware, the more sophisticated items such as champagne flutes and wine glasses spring to mind. After all, these are the things we break out for celebrations and special dinners. However, the humble tumbler is just as important when dressing up your dining table or furnishing your home. Or more so, you could argue, since we tend to use them every day. And they're not just for water, either – a tumbler glass is perfect for fizzy drinks, juices and iced coffee. That's why choosing some you love is imperative.

A plethora of options

MADE.COM's designers have left no stone unturned when it comes to the look and feel of our drinking glasses. So, choosing a tumbler glass that's right for you will depend mainly on your drinking habits, your preferred look, and the makeup of your family (if you've kids, for example, this is a biggie). A chubby tumbler with a weighted base will work well if you're a single-malt-at-the-fireside type. Or, if you're more of a dine-and-dash, grab-and-go kind of person, a durable glass set with a generous 370ml capacity is a good, all-around bet.

A bit of a vibe

Fact: we've put body and soul into our collection of water glasses, and they're almost humming with personality. Fancy a little colour? We've got jewel-toned standouts with a ribbed effect that not only turn heads – they're made from recycled materials so are more sustainable, too. To make a statement, check out our opaque molten glass styles with slightly asymmetric rims. Channelling a 70s theme? Look out for smoked glass, chunky bases and highball drinking glasses and pair them with retro tableware to get in the swing.

Pick your number

Once you've settled on your ideal water glass, all that remains is to choose how many you need. While kitchen storage is a consideration – and while we design our to be durable – accidents do happen. So it's sensible to have a spare set in the cupboard, just in case. Why not a real statement by picking and mixing different styles and shades to create a bespoke glass collection? And to make that easily achievable, MADE's tumblers and highballs come in sets of twos, fours and sixes. We'll drink to that.