Black Floor Lamps

Shine bright with our black floor lamps

Lighting doesn't just have to be functional, so get lit with our collection of black floor lamps. We love a strong statement light, and our pieces double up as works of art. Our original designs include overreach arc lamps that let you target the light to your every need, as well as black tripod floor lamps that boldly own the space. For an opulent touch, try a lamp with a hint of brass for that modern-meets-classic look.

Go effortlessly minimal

Black light fittings offer clean, bold lines that can really pop against minimal interiors. Fans of the Japandi – Scandinavian-Japanese – aesthetic will know that simple statement pieces can break up a room. A black standing lamp at an angle is a great way to break up the monotony of rectangular furniture, while an overhanging shade is another simple way to add contrast. Clear glass bulbs and shades work well in living and dining rooms, but we'd recommend opaque fabric or frosted glass for a softer glow in the bedroom. Don't forget to browse our range of bulbs (LED, of course) that give out a warm white glow while being nice and environmentally friendly.

Set up a reading nook

Let's face it, we all spend too much time on our phones these days. So why not carve out a reading nook in your home – the ideal way to ensure you spend time learning new things rather than on Instagram? Warm, glowing lighting is a must for a calm spot, but make sure you select dedicated task lighting so you won't have to squint at the pages. Need more inspiration? Read our handy guide on how to craft the perfect cosy nook, and settle down with your favourite bestseller.

Matchy, matchy

Interior decorators all agree that by aligning colours and textures, you can create harmony in your living space. If you're going for a black floor lamp in your bedroom, pair it with a black bedside lamp to create a sense of zen. A sleek wall lamp will enable you to direct light above or below while leaving more space on your bedside table for your collection of skincare. Check out our collection of black home accessories for those decorative touches that pull everything together.