Dining Room Ideas

    Dining room ideas

    Eating’s always in style. So your dining room should be too. When it comes to designing the perfect dining room, think about how many people will use the space, and how often. Then pick pieces that suit your needs, while matching your home’s look. (Sorry, we can’t help with the cooking.)

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    Dining chairs

    Our dining chairs come in pairs – so if you want to tastefully mismatch your seats, they’re a good option. Choose easy to clean materials like oak if kids often join you for dinner. While velvet’s a great way to add a touch of luxe and colour to grown-up dining rooms.

    Dining tables

    Extending dining tables, or round styles, are perfect for small dining rooms. Or, if you’ve got the space, make a statement with a long dining table in concrete or walnut. Finishes like glass, metal and glossy woods are easy to look after and durable.

    Dining sets

    Want a dining room upgrade with minimal effort? Choose a complete dining set. Dining sets with benches have casual, contemporary style. And bistro sets (with 2 chairs) are an affordable way to save space.

    Dining accessories

    Modern dinner sets and contemporary cutlery are the icing on the cake. Metallic knives and forks are unusual and luxe – a definite dinner talking point. And tonal dining sets help to achieve a put together, but not over-the-top, finished look.

    Small dining room ideas

    If you’ve got a small dining room, or your dining area’s within another room, check out our top tips for styling small spaces.

    How to style the perfect dinner party

    You do the dining, we do the designing. Here’s how to make your dinner party a hit on Instagram.