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Outdoor Bean Bags

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Outdoor Pouffes & Bean Bags

Are you looking for something more fun than just your regular garden chairs? Or perhaps you just do not fancy committing yourself to a full set of patio or garden seating? We have the perfect alternative for those wanting something different – now you can choose from a whole range of outdoor bean bags and garden pouffes to make your outdoor space as carefree and fun as you have always imagined it. 


Garden bean bags and pouffes provide a very simple solution if you need to create some fast and comfortable seating in absolutely any place around your garden. You can add some extra seating onto your patio by simply putting a large outdoor bean bag or two next to your garden sofa to create the perfect relaxed lounge space in a matter of seconds. Or if you have been struggling with some sloped terrains or some awkward surfaces where classic garden furniture just won’t do, now you can hack any of these situations both in style and in comfort. 


If you spend a lot of time outdoors on a bench or a chair, sometimes it can get a bit uncomfortable over a longer period of time. This is where a garden bean bag can be an absolute lifesaver. Due to its materiality, you can comfortably sit, lie down and even take a nap out in the sun. Outdoor pouffes are great alternatives for regular garden chairs as they are slightly lower in height and comfortably respond to any seating position. Plus, they weigh only a fraction of a traditional wooden or metal garden chair, so you can quickly move around it around.

Designed for outdoors

Designed to withstand the harsher and more temperamental conditions, our outdoor bean bags and pouffes feature durable materials and are water-resistant to help you maintain them easier. You can put outdoor bean bags on the pavement, on grass or even gravel – practically any situation you might have outdoors. Obviously, nothing is indestructible so if it rains, try to keep your bean bag or pouffe dry by covering it up, or better yet, popping it into your shed or bringing it indoors. In case you need to give it a bit of a clean, you can simply use some soapy water to get rid of any dirt or stains and then dry it with a towel.

Colour choice

Best of all, you can mix and match various outdoor bean bags and pouffes with your regular garden furniture in a blink of an eye! Choose more classic neutral tones to accompany your existing patio set or seamlessly blend into the existing surroundings. But perhaps it is the 'wow effect' that you are after? Then invest into some bright multicoloured bean bags to add as many or as few accent pieces around your garden. For the ultimate showstopper, you can even opt for a white bean bag! Even though it might tend to get a bit dirtier than other colours, it is sure to get everyone's attention out on your green lawn. Add some garden accessories, and your ultimate chill-out space is ready!