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Garden Chairs

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Sit outside with our garden chairs

Just like when it comes to making interior choices, deciding which seating to add to your outdoor space can be tricky. Not only do you have to take into consideration how many seats you need, but also what type of seating you want and how it should transform or complement your space. For example, a hammock will provide a playful touch whilst a sun lounger offers a more luxurious feel. Luckily, at MADE.COM, we’ve got stylish garden chairs for every space. Better still: they’re comfy, too.

Garden chairs & Benches - More than just seating

More than just something to sit on, our outdoor chairs can make the difference between a cold atmosphere and a cosy one. From softly padded garden sofas you can sink into, to swing chairs you (and your guests) won’t want to leave, the right outdoor chairs can create a welcoming ambience. For al fresco feasting, dining chairs and a table are just what you need – whether that’s with the addition of barbecue food and a parasol on sunny days, or a chiminea and a roast when the temperature drops. Featuring foldaway and stackable designs, our practical garden chairs work for smaller spaces, too. When it comes to styling, add a range of scatter cushions for depth or choose an armchair with an eye-catching upholstery to liven things up.

Like any kind of outdoor furniture, garden seating comes in a variety of materials. Think about your preferences – do you want to keep the garden chairs outdoor throughout the whole year? Do you plan stow the garden seating away in the garage for the winter or at least cover it up once the weather gets bad? Do I want to bother putting extra care into maintaining my garden seating?

Choosing material

Such questions will help you better choose the types of outdoor furniture and get the most out of your garden. Whereas synthetic material furniture (such as PVC) can withstand any kind of weather, natural materials such as wood or rattan will age much faster if left in the rain, snow or even excessive sunshine. Particularly with wood, you should ideally re-stain it once a year to keep the wood in good condition. Or think about if your area tends to be very windy - a plastic garden chair can easily be knocked over whereas this kind of problem rarely arises with heavier metal and wood seating. 

Choose according to your preferences and weather conditions, and your garden chairs will last you for many years.

Party & Dine

Different practical and lifestyle preference will give you an idea of the kinds of seating you might need. If you like to invite a lot of friends over for dinner or barbecue, get a fair amount of garden dining chairs around your dining table so that no one will ever be left without a place. Or if you plan on a more relaxed evening with cocktails and appetisers, a stylish garden sofa will give your outdoor space a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. Add a garden coffee table to create an outdoor living room feel.

If you want the flexibility to create your own combination of seating, or perhaps your garden or patio has a strange shape, modular garden seating will help you get the most out of any situation. You can easily add more pieces whenever need be, move it around in just a few seconds, and stow it away whenever you want to free up some space outside. Garden side tables will help accommodate all the different seating combinations so that no one is stuck holding their glass in their hand throughout the night.


To create the simplest relaxation area in your garden or on your balcony, all you need to do is get some garden tables and chairs. Garden chairs come in different levels of comfort and styles so you will have to decide for yourself whether you want something very simple and minimalistic, or with more comfortable cushioning.

If you want something more playful but still incredibly comfortable, look into getting a couple of outdoor bean bags. Easy to move around and requiring low maintenance, they can help you set up a comfy spot absolutely anywhere, even if you have a sloped landscape.

If you are thinking about lying down with a book or taking a quick nap outdoors, or plan on soaking up the sun in the summer, a sun lounger will definitely give you the most options to stay outside comfortably for longer. And if you enjoy some relaxing swinging motion like you did when you were a kid, swing seats will bring back memories and lull you out of any stress.