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MADE for professionals

MADE for professionals

MADE for professionals

Want to use MADE products in your next big project? Join our network of interior designers, architects and trade professionals for exclusive discounts and early access. 

Why sign up? 

When you open a Professionals account with us, you’ll receive a permanent discount of 5% on all orders over £5000, and 10% on orders over £10,000. You’ll also get support from our dedicated MADE for Professionals team, and enjoy access to a variety of exclusive offers, events and previews.

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Need advice?

Meet our expert team and discover our iconic designs in real life by visiting one of our UK showrooms. Can’t make it in person? No problem. Book a free virtual consultation with a MADE design consultant for personalised recommendations and tips tailored to your professional needs.

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Need more help?

Read our frequently asked questions below or alternatively contact help centre for more information.


Frequently asked questions:

What discounts do you offer?

You’ll receive 5% off all orders over £5000, and 10% off all orders over £10,000. From time to time, we’ll also send you other exclusive discounts, offers and partnership promotions.

Who can join your Professionals network?

Our network’s open to interior designers, architects and other decorating and building professionals. To qualify, you’ll just need to provide some relevant company details, which a member of our team will validate.

How does my discount work?

You’ll receive a reusable discount code that’s valid until 31 December 2022. We’ll send you a new code ahead of the expiry date so you’ll always have access to your benefits

Can I pay by BACs?

Yes, our team can arrange this for orders over £3000. Further details will be included in your MADE for Professionals welcome email.

How can I get in touch? 

If you have any further questions or want to place a larger order, our dedicated Professionals team is on hand to help. Sign up today to receive their contact details in your welcome email.

**By signing up you agree to our Terms & Conditions