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Lampshade Sale

Light up, for less

A little secret about styles in our lampshade sale? They won't be here for long. We curate the very best designs at the most competitive prices, and that means we don't hold onto old flames forever. And that's how we like it – it guarantees you get value for money and buy something original at the same time. With that out of the way, here's what you can look forward to: rattan, and lots of it, as well as transparent glass shades that look good even when the lights are off. So, get ready for your glow-up, because our lampshade sale is bound to have your dream piece.

Switch things up

A great light, no matter WATT. That's what we promise at MADE.COM. It can be tricky to decide on the style of shade you want, but choosing an accent design is a simple way to take a risk without investing too heavily. Especially if you switch up your decor a lot (like we do). Craving something a bit wacky? Our abstract print lights are crafted from clever cutout shapes with a distinctive colour that takes on a life of its own once you turn them on. Alternatively, rattan, with its organic natural form of intricate weaving, creates a warm atmosphere that's tricky to beat.

Subtle yet statement

A light doesn't have to be huge to make an impact. In fact, it can be quite subtle. That's why we have a range of small lampshades for sale too. A pendant shade in glass gives your space an optical finish that gently glows. Fixing one in your downstairs loo will be an unexpected design statement. While we're on the subject, we have a wide variety of glass lampshades for sale in interesting shapes like teardrop and oblong. Go for added style points with a ribbed effect to create a diffused glow – perfect for your bedroom.

(Good) mood lighting

Picture this: you've got your soft furnishings, layered the bed with throws and cushions and smothered the wall in art prints. Doesn't feel quite finished? That's because you're missing mood lighting. That's why we include bestselling designs in our lampshade sale – so you can stay on a budget but perfect every space. Why not try a hand-blown glass lampshade? It can make all the difference between a room that's 'meh' and one that's thriving. So, whether you're updating, starting from scratch or just after a refresh, we'll get your space looking lit.