2 Seater Sofa Leather

2 Seater Leather Sofas

Ready to put your feet up in style? Then our stylish 2-seaters leather sofas will not only let you relax and unwind after a long day, but they’ll also offer you the perfect compact solution for smaller living spaces. Choose between a wide range of different designs and leather styles and add the perfect showstopper to your living room.

Timeless, elegant, comfortable

Browse through or versatile collection of smart 2-seater leather sofas and choose between different leather types, ranging from smooth to suede. Whichever type you choose, our genuine leather sofas are a true classic that never go out of fashion. And for good reasons: The material easily adapts to different body temperatures and is particularly breathable. The surface also radiates warmth, is very cosy and changes its appearance over the course of its life. Genuine leather truly ages gracefully, unlike fabric upholstery, which therefore makes it the perfect material for your comfy 2-seater couch.

Our designer 2-seater leather sofas range from retro to modern

Whether you love modern elegance with clean lines or are a fan of classic and rustic designs for your leather sofa - we have it all. Browse through our extensive selection of high quality 2-seaters and discover the perfect couch for your living room. Need some inspiration? Add some luxury to your living room with our 2-seater sofa Scott. Upholstered in premium leather, Scott offers plenty of room to snuggle up while also oozing sophistication with its classic clean lines. In the mood for something for modern? Then Fallyn’s slim legs, smooth leather cushions and modern design is a must-have for you.

Add some colour to your 2-seater leather sofa

Looking for some colour? A leather sofa doesn't always have to be upholstered in brown or black leather. Why not add a splash of colour to your living room décor and opt for a 2-seater leather sofa in grey, green or red? If you prefer something more classic, simply choose an elegant shade of tan to create a more rustic atmosphere. Whatever colour you choose – make sure your leather couch easily melts in with the rest of your living room décor.

The perfect accessories to match your leather sofa

No sofa is perfect without the right accessories. Browse through our large selection of stylish cushions and warm throws, to give your leather 2-seater sofa the perfect dose of cosiness. If you want to add some additional seating to your living room, then our versatile pouffes are ideal. Not only do they come in a wide selection of different styles and colours, but they can also be used as an extra seat or stylish coffee table.

Care tips for your 2-seater leather sofa

Give your sofa a little extra care and attention to preserve the colour of the leather for a long time and to protect it from cracks and drying out. Although genuine leather upholstery is considered very robust and hard-wearing, regular cleaning will ensure it maintains its perfect look. Dust your leather couch regularly with a dry cotton cloth or use a damp microfibre cloth and some distilled water to remove coarser dirt. To avoid discolouration of the leather, try and always keep your compact 2-seater sofa away from direct sunlight and heat.