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Corner Sofas

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Let’s fall in love together

Falling in love is not always as simple as it may sound - this time though, we assure you that there will be no broken heart. It will rather be love on the first sight, that will stay for a long time, be with you on good and bad days and hold you when you need it.

Our corner sofas are made to be loved and that all starts in the design of each piece from industrial chic, to romantic Chesterfield sofas, Scandinavian warmth as well as popping retro vibes - we love them all. 

Enough space to stretch out

You know those times where you really just wanted to stretch out your legs and lay back but instead had to look for a way to lay your feet on a coffee table, a chair or other creative solutions? Well, this won’t be the case anymore. Instead, you have it all combined in just one sofa. Your next corner sofa could be the future protagonist for a cosy gathering with friends, a book marathon with your family or just your personal meadow to dream of your next holiday.

They come in all shapes

The shape of a corner sofa can also come in many different ways. Therefore we would like to introduce you to Herton, an Art Deco inspired sofa with elegant round shapes on the sides - a classic piece with wooden legs that looks good in every home and can be chosen in your favourite colours such as a deep blue velvet, a mountain grey fabric or a more structured barely weave, according to the surrounding of its future walls.

Materials - the choice is yours

Did you also see how many materials you can pick from? What about a cotton and linen mix? It not only gives a natural element to your home but also stands for high quality. Our Samona sofa is the perfect choice if you want a lot of seating options in just one homogenous looking sofa with enough space to hold at least seven friends or family members. It will be the centrepiece of your living room but not take all its attention due to the soft and light colours of the natural and the mineral cotton. You have enough space to store many cosy cushions and throws and if you want to give it a bit of colour, we have our Adra 100% linen cushions, just one click away - it not only comes in a set of two but also in seven different colours.

Small version needed? Don’t worry!

If you don’t have a lot of square meters available, don’t worry! A corner sofa doesn’t need to be large. It can also just be a 2 seater sofa like Juno, a modular sofa that can be put together just as you need it. If you like to rearrange your space multiple times, you will be sure to love this soft velvet version in twilight blue and seafoam blue. The great thing is that if you ever wanted to add some seating options, you could simply attach another modular piece - also check out the other modular sofas that we have in stock.