Brown Sofas

Make your brown sofa the centrepiece of your living room

A sofa in a warm brown tone is the perfect way to transform your living area into a cosy place of relaxation and well-being. No matter which shade of brown you’ll choose, the upholstered furniture always exudes warmth and loads of cosiness. And if you think brown is boring, then our stunning designs will certainly convince you otherwise. Choose from an extensive colour palette for our brown designer sofas ranges, from dark mocha to a rich chocolate brown and even a lighter warm caramel tone. This way, you are sure to find the perfect match to fit your interior perfectly.

Minimalist effort, maximum effect

A brown couch certainly doesn't need much decoration to truly shine. If you're not in the mood to experiment with colours, then just leave it alone. The stunning earthy tone will surely make an impact all on its own. And if you do want some finishing touches, then stay in the same colour palette. Just skilfully vary between light brown, hazel and dark brown nuances for the rest of your décor to create a harmonious look.

If, on the other hand, you do want to set some subtle contrasts with your other furnishings, then pair them skillfully. A light blue for example pairs particularly well with lighter brown nuances and wood. So why not invest in one of our stunning coffee tables and some beautiful blue cushions?

For a more effective splash of colour, mix a brownish terracotta tone with green. This classic combination creates a fresh and warm palette. Don’t forget to add some lush indoor plants to round off the ambience in style.

To add a more modern and cleaner feel, pair your brown sofa with a radiant white or cream tone. This strong contrast brings some beautiful lighter touches and is ideal for cushions, throws and various other home accessories.

Fabric or leather? The perfect upholstery for your brown sofa

The choice of upholstery for your brown sofa certainly isn’t easy. To help you make this rather difficult decision, we have highlighted some of our favourite designer sofas for each choice of material.

Brown leather sofa

If you opt for a brown leather sofa you can certainly never go wrong. The luxurious warm material not only ages gracefully but is also very resistant to stains. Check out our stunning 2-seater sofa Harlow in tan leather. It’s plump cushions and slim metal legs are not only seriously comfortable but also stylish. A roomier alternative is Julianne. This soft 3-seater sofa in a light tan leather is the definition of decadence. For true suede leather fans, our comfy 3-seater Dallas available in a light or dark tan is the only option.

Brown fabric sofa

Choose a brown fabric sofa and benefit from a near-endless colour palette and upholstery choice. Cotton, linen, microfibre or even velvet are only some of the choices in our collection. Have a look at our favourite Caswell. The 60s inspired design paired with some serious curves creates some real retro vibes. Finished with a soft caramel velvet fabric, this brown sofa is a dream to sink into. For a more spacious brown fabric sofa, look no further than Mogen. This large corner sofa in a darker brown not only offer secret storage space but also doubles as a sofa bed. What more could you want?