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Grey sofas - the perfect all-rounder

A sofa is the centrepiece of any living room. Of course, it needs to be comfy, but never forget the design! And what could be more stylish than a classic sofa in grey? The simple colour will not only perfectly blend in with the rest of your furnishings, but it will also create a calm and modern ambience.

Have some colour fun with a grey sofa

Want to add some colour to your living room? Then choose a grey sofa. Sounds strange? Believe it or not, but no other colour is as versatile as grey. Simple, yet elegant, grey sets the perfect basis for some exciting colour combos. Experiment with lively colours and patterns, by adding different cushions or throws to your couch. How about some fancy and colourful artwork? Or go wild with a cosy rug.

A hint of Scandinavia

Just as the grey of your new sofa adds coolness to your room, it does the same in the other direction. If you're more of a fan of cosy charm, then get inspired by some Scandinavian chic. Simply opt for a light grey and curvier sofa. Keep the rest of your accessories in the same colour palette and set some accents with delicate shades of pastel. Add some glossy white or light wooden furnishings to complete the look.

Cool. Modern. Industrial

You want it cool and modern? Then choose a grey sofa with a metallic shade with clear, geometric lines and polished, slim legs. A classic grey Chesterfield sofa can also be a perfect choice here. Complement the upholstered furniture with lots of matt metal and wood in an untreated look. For your home textiles, try not to leave the current colour palette but instead, try and accentuate it with other grey tones, ranging from dusty grey to anthracite.

Find the right upholstery for your grey sofa

Whether it's a grey corner sofa, sofa bed or 2-seater - your new favourite sofa needs to be comfortable. Browse through our wide collection of stunning grey sofas, to find the perfect model for you. To help you narrow your search, we’ve compiled some of our favourite grey sofas with different upholstery options here:

Grey leather couch: Luxe leather and grey harmonise perfectly with each other. The combination is natural, modern and elegant. Just have a look at our spacious 5-seater leather sofa Vento. Available in two stunning shades of grey, this corner sofa is as generous as it's soft.

Grey fabric sofa: A sofa with a grey fabric looks simple and restrained. That’s why you can easily opt for a more unusual design. May we introduce Flynn? It’s textured button detailing, classic wooden legs and comfy seats scream understated elegance. For a more Scandi inspired look, check out Lars. Thin oak legs and armrests combined with a soft mountain grey upholstery make this click clack sofa bed a true eye-catcher.

Grey velvet couch: A grey velvet couch always looks cosy and adds a touch of divine elegance to your style. Looking for something stylish but with a fuss-free design? Then look no further than our grey 2-seater velvet sofa Farley. It’s traditional, but it’s refined tufted lines give it a modern twist. Why should a grey velvet only look good? Expect more from Milner. Effortlessly stylish and so much more than meets the eye. This steel grey velvet sofa not only doubles as a sofa bed but also offers some practical storage space.