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Teal Sofas

Settle in with a teal sofa

Our teal sofas are the perfect addition to any living room – they've got heaps of style and comfort. And our range includes a wide variety, from comfy sofa beds to spacious corner sofas, so you're bound to find the ideal piece for your home. Teal sofas can easily work in any living space and are suited to both modern interiors as well as more traditional homes. So, browse our collection to discover your dream design and find your new favourite spot to unwind with a coffee (or, if you'd rather, a glass of wine).

Find the ideal teal sofa

As you hunt down the ideal teal sofa for your living room, be sure to think about how you'll be using it. If you have enough space, a corner sofa can add a lot of impact to a room – it's also a great seating option if you're planning to host parties or gatherings. And if you're furnishing a guest room or accommodating overnight stays, why not consider a teal sofa bed? It's a smart choice that offers comfort and versatility, without taking up too much space.

Pick complementary colours

Matching your decor to your teal sofa can make a huge difference and can really help your furniture shine. Teal is a cool and classic hue, so shades of grey, white and cream all work well as complementary colours. Why not pick out some grey cushions to scatter onto the sofa, or some natural-coloured throws to really bring the teal to life? If you want to splash some more colour into the room, then warmer gold and pink tones will do the trick.

All the finishing touches

Pairing your sofa with the right furnishings can bring a new level of functionality to your space, and really expand your options when hosting guests. A metal coffee table will transform your sofa from simply a seat, to an inviting place for a hot drink and a chat. And why not consider a teal armchair – a perfectly matched extra seating option – to help fill any unwanted space around the sofa itself.