Yellow Sofas

Add a pop of colour with a yellow sofa

Our collection of yellow sofas is the perfect way to lift your living space. Surely the happiest colour in the world deserves a place in our homes? From bright and buttery shades to retro mustard vibes, we’ve got the perfect sofa to add an injection of colour into your home. Browse sleek silhouettes covered in velvet for a contemporary look, or go for a plump and petite style for more of a vintage feel.

And it was all yellow

So you’re taking the plunge with a yellow sofa – a wonderful choice, may we say. But how yellow do you want to go? Choose the exuberant energy of buttery yellow to brighten up a small space, or start a sophisticated luxury vibe with a sumptuous mustard sofa in a rich velvet fabric. Think about the tone, too. If your surrounding decor is light, opt for a bright shade to uplift the room even further, or for warmer schemes perhaps an ochre sofa would harmonise with the rest of the decor.

Save on space with a sofa bed

If – like a lot of us – your living room turns into a guest bedroom at the weekend, take your pick from our collection of yellow sofa beds. From cosy smaller styles to roomy doubles and options with extra storage, you’re sure to find the perfect fit. Why not treat your guests to a memory foam mattress? And for super-easy functionality, opt for a sofa bed with our click-clack mechanism to smoothly transition from lounging to sleep mode while saving on time and space. Go the extra mile for super host status with some coordinating pillowcases, too.

But what goes with yellow?

We’re so glad you asked. Building a scheme with a yellow sofa in mind can have its challenges, but our carefully selected shades make pairing with yellow simpler than you might think. Confident by nature, try considering yellow as an accent colour in your scheme – build around it with deeper neutrals like tan and brown hues to give a retro vibe. Or opt for lighter hues of blue, pink and white for a modern art deco look. Accessorise with multicoloured prints with hints of yellow, and bring in black-rimmed mirrors and a wooden coffee table to tie it all together.