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Simple yet sophisticated: Scandinavian Sofas with style

Simple lines, minimal embellishments and a neutral colour scheme define the popular Scandinavian look. The focus is on a warm and clean design that is meant to make you happy and feel relaxed. After all, what more could you want after a long day at work?  

Choose a simple styling for your Scandinavian sofa

To create the perfect Nordic-inspired living room to match your new Scandinavian sofa, natural elements are crucial. Start off with the perfect monochromatic colour scheme, composed of neutrals, most notably bright whites with a splash of grey or black. These should not only be reflected in your upholstery, but also in your other furnishings, such as a cosy white rug, soft cushions with a minimalist pattern and light, white curtains. If you do want to add some colour, then opt for some playful accent pieces, like a blush pouffe or a grey armchair.

Don’t forget to add some natural elements, as they are very important for the perfect Scandi look. What could be more fitting that wooden chairs or sideboards, or a coffee table made of white stone?

Endless sofa choices with a Nordic vibe

If you want the perfect Scandinavian sofa, then your search will start and finish here. We have a stunning selection of designer sofas to give your home a classy ambience with a chic and modern vibe.

Scandinavian style sofas are mainly classified by their choice of light fabric upholstery. Grey or white are the absolute favourites, as they serve for the perfect blank canvas to finish off your décor. Introducing Oslo. A name so fitting it can only be the perfect candidate for your Scandi-inspired sitting room. Sleek crossed oak legs, thin arms and comfy grey cushions combine minimalism with an eye-catching design.

Say goodbye to clutter with our Scandinavian corner sofa Frederik. The roomy yet compact 3-seater in dark anthracite or sapphire blue will transform any living room into the perfect Nordic landscape. Just throw on a thick knitted throw in light grey and get ready to snuggle.  

If you want more than just a Scandinavian sofa to sit on, then Ryson is your pick. The super-stylish click clack sofa bed with a channelled upholstery detail is the perfect Nordic-inspired sofa for lounging and snoozing alike. Just take a look at those soft arms, tapered wooden legs and comfy cushions. Need we say more?