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Pink Velvet Sofas

Curl up on a pink velvet sofa

Relaxation has never looked so good – our pink velvet sofas are perfect for bringing a sense of elegance to any living space. These spacious seats allow you to R&R (recline and relax) in comfort while enjoying the luxe vibe that only velvet provides so effortlessly. And our range of sizes, shapes and designs means that you're guaranteed to find your dream settee. Whether you're looking for a large corner sofa to fill an empty room or a 2-seater to cosy up on, we've got you covered at MADE.COM.

Finding your dream sofa

While you're browsing our collection, think about the living space that you have available. If you're just looking to create a spot for relaxing in front of the TV, then a 2-seater is exactly what you need. But, if your living area is looking bare or you have an awkward corner to fill, then a chaise end corner sofa can instantly give the room a sense of grandeur. Need to furnish a guest room? Fear not – we've also got comfortable velvet sofa beds that are perfect for the job.

Accessorise and relax

Pink velvet will make a statement in any living room, and luckily it can be easily complemented with the right decor and furnishings. Consider some comfortable cushions to scatter to create an even more relaxing atmosphere. Or, why not drape a green blanket over the back of the sofa to accessorise? Not only does this work as a design feature, but also scores bonus points with anyone feeling chilly on those cold winter evenings. Alternatively, you can keep things simple and minimalist with neutrals, allowing the velvet to speak for itself.

Creating a style centrepiece

If your sofa is going to be occupying the middle of your living room, why not transform it into the centrepiece it deserves to be? For additional seating space, you might want to bring in a cosy blue velvet armchair – after all, the only thing better than one velvet furnishing is two. You could also pair it with a coffee table to bring more focus to the space and create a dedicated area for socialising. Whatever you decide on, you can be sure your plush velvet couch will be a talking point for your guests.