Wood Bookcases

Storage MADE stylish with wooden bookcases

Whether you’re in need of stylish storage or you want to create a minimal, Instagram-worthy bookshelf, we’ve got you covered with our range of wooden bookcases at MADE.COM. Browse tall and narrow designs to work into smaller spaces, or opt for something low and wide to make a statement along a flat wall. From oak effect to painted styles, you’ll find wooden bookshelves to fit effortlessly into a contemporary interior. Units featuring open shelves are just the place for showcasing candles and indoor plants, while the handy drawer and cupboard elements allow you to hide away items you don’t want on display.

Choose the right bookcase for your space

First, you’ll need to think about where exactly the wooden bookcase is going to live. Whether it’s going in the lounge, bedroom or home office, think about the ratio of open shelves to closed-off cupboards you’ll need. If you’re looking to utilise a small corner of the room, opt for something narrow and tall to make the most of the space. Symmetrical styles say 'organised elegance' while quirky geometric designs offer an eye-catching alternative. Shop wide wooden bookshelves for empty walls calling out for a feature, and fill them with your favourite decorative accessories – and maybe some lighting, too.

Colour-coordinate your storage

At MADE, we make it simple to keep your space cohesive by using coordinating colours for a modern aesthetic. Our collection of solid wood bookcases comes in a range of tones to suit your colour scheme. Match with the walls for a seamless look, or go for a multicoloured design to bring your interior to life. Plain wood shelves work perfectly for organising your books in colour order, while options with touches of black give off that ultimate chic vibe. Look out for our oak bookcases too, as they’re sure to add some natural character and provide lasting contemporary style to your home.

How to create an Instagram-worthy bookcase

Whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist, we’ve got the perfect wooden bookcases to create that Insta-worthy decor shot. We love mixing open storage with a few closed cubbies for an art deco look. Opt for styles with no backs to give the appearance of more space in smaller rooms, and use accessories in a mix of sizes to create a balanced bookcase. Finally, fill with eye-catching items like table lamps, indoor plants and candles – and perhaps even a book or two. It is a bookshelf, after all?