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Hinged Wardrobes

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Bonjour clothes

Think of your next holiday in the South of Europe, the image of opening the dark green or light blue painted window shutters, allowing the sun to enter your bedroom and flood it with warm and bright rais, followed by a breeze of fresh air.

Well, you don't need to wait for your next trip. You can indeed stay at home and simply wake up, get a good morning stretch and open your hinged wardrobe with both arms. 

The movement will let your hair fly just like a day at the beach while the smell of freshly washed clothes will be a perfect start to your day.

Wardrobes to meet your personal needs

Your clothes are not tucked away anymore - they are presenting themselves to you so that your eye catches all of the different outfit opportunities within one glimpse. Our wardrobes come with a carefully designed interior which will allow a lot of space to hang what shouldn’t wrinkle while your other clothes have enough space to be folded. You really won't need to worry about anything but to enjoy the new adjustment to your space.

Look at you, don't you look amazing!

To finish off your choice of matching clothes, you could either take a look into our mirrors that come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, frames and colours or you could also customize your door with a full-body mirror. And because we at want to meet everyone's different taste and dreams of the cosiest of all homes, we also designed a variety of sliding doors for wardrobes, in case you feel like that suits you better. It doesn't end here though - while the opening system of the doors is completely up to you, you can also choose between different looks, materials and sizes. Since space varies, also the width of our wardrobes can be adjusted to your home, allowing you to get the most out of storage. 

And if you want to organise your socks and other smaller items, check out our different options for aesthetically pleasing boxes

Large space - elegant space 

Also, the largest of our wardrobes will not make your room feel cramped, thanks to the finish that you can choose to match your walls or surrounding pieces of furniture. A floor to ceiling version for instance will not even feel like just a wardrobe anymore but rather like the missing piece that you had been waiting for. And since we deliver to your home, there will be no need to be stressed about how to carry home your new wardrobe - we got you!