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Wood Sideboards

Wood sideboards that make storage stylish

If you're after something to help you organise your living space and tackle the clutter of everyday life, look no further: a solid wood sideboard is your solution, offering loads of household storage and the ideal balance of style and functionality. Our sideboards come in a wide variety of designs and sizes and are suitable for a range of spaces – so whether you want minimalist storage or a larger statement piece, we've got something to suit. Explore our full collection and uncover the perfect sideboard for your needs.

Finding the right sideboard

When picking the perfect sideboard, try to think about the space you have at home as well as what you'll need to store. A lower sideboard is more accessible and easier to decorate, while a higher sideboard can provide you with more efficient drawer space. You might want to consider whether functional storage is your main priority, or if you're just looking to reduce a bit of clutter. The material and finish of your sideboard is also worth considering, to ensure that it fits your style and home decor.

How to decorate your sideboard

Decorating your wood sideboard can transform it from a functional storage space to an eye-catching piece. What's visible outside is often just as important as what's inside, and sometimes simplicity is best. Pick out some decorations and accessories that match the wood colour and style of the sideboard – you might think about combining the wooden finish with some coloured vases, or pairing your sideboard with a wall print for a visual contrast. Experiment with different combinations, and don't be afraid to introduce some colour around these timeless wooden designs.

Rooms to use a sideboard in

A sideboard can play a lot of different roles in your home, depending on where you place it. Wood sideboards can make a charming addition to any kitchen while offering you convenient space for cutlery, utensils or plates. A sideboard can also help you to organise your home office and boost productivity, or neatly arrange your drinks in the dining room. Think about the ideal spot for the sideboard in your home, and where you'll make the best use of it. And if you're still in need of additional space for storage, why not pair the sideboard with a wooden cabinet to create a complete set?