Concrete Dining Tables

Make a statement with a concrete dining table

If you're searching for a dining table that's going to make a bold statement, then look no further. Our concrete dining tables are guaranteed to impress your guests and bring a fresh sense of modern style to your home. The collection includes an extensive range of different table designs and sizes, meaning you're sure to find the perfect option. Whether you need a spacious table for dinner parties and social events, or a smaller surface for a casual coffee, we have you covered at MADE.COM.

Get yourself dinner party ready

It doesn't get much better than hosting a dinner party around our concrete dining tables – and when you're entertaining guests, you need the right accessories to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Our beautiful dinner sets will set the tone for the evening – neutral shades will effortlessly match the concrete finish, while more colourful sets can instantly add some vibrancy and excitement to the arrangement. Our glassware collection is also an excellent addition to your gathering, complete with elegant tumblers and wine glasses – ideal for a drop of red or some aperitifs. When you bring these stylish accessories to the table, your dinner parties are guaranteed to be a hit.

Furnish your dream table

Our concrete dinner tables also serve as the perfect canvas for additional decoration and creativity. The right furnishings can really bring a dining table to life, transforming it into a stunning centrepiece that your guests will adore. Why not introduce some bright candles to the table top? These can illuminate the room in various different ways, as well as sprinkling some fresh colours onto a darker surface. Scented candles can also bring some delightful fragrances into the room, making your dining area even more inviting. Try and experiment with some different accessories, and you'll quickly find that your new table becomes the main attraction.

...and then take a seat

Once you've decorated your concrete table with some fabulous furnishings, why not pick out some seating options too? Our wide range of comfortable dining chairs is sure to provide you with some inspiration. The beauty of a concrete finish is that it can be paired with any number of different materials, so you're bound to find a chair that fits. By complementing the colour of your table with your seating arrangement, you'll create a beautiful space that's ideal for dinner, relaxation and socialising alike.