Glass Dining Tables

Glow up with a glass dining table

All of us at MADE.COM are seriously into glass. Whether it's a decanter or a set of chunky tumblers, we're here for it. And when it comes to glass dining tables, we have a tough time picking a favourite. So, what is it about glass? First, while contemporary in look, it's long been a must-have because it works with such a range of decor. Whether you're going Art Nouveau, industrial or mid-century, you'll find a glass dining room table that chimes with your scheme. Second, it's got space-enhancing superpowers – simply put: glass tables make rooms appear bigger. And finally, glass just looks so good, and if you're after something that really sparkles this is the way to go.

High in style, low in effort

If you choose glass for your dining room or a glass kitchen table, get ready for the compliments to roll in, because a glass top enhances what's above and below it. If you've invested in a statement floor covering, lighting or placemats, the transparency of glass amps up the glamour and a design-led base is highlighted by a see-through tabletop. And if you're worried about keeping glass pristine, don't fret. Glass is a breeze to keep smudge-free – simply mix vinegar, water and detergent in a spray bottle and use a microfibre cloth to polish. Easy peasy.

How to pick your glass dining table

To help you decide what shape dining table would work best, think about the footprint of your room. If you'd like your table to be the centre of attention, a round design will pull your decor together. And if you'd prefer your dining space to be offset, simply tuck a neat square table to the side. Or, if you've got a rectangular room to dedicate to dining, place a similarly-shaped glass dining table bang in the middle to create a balance. Big family to feed or a keen host? Opt for an extending table in cool, neutral glass. Alternatively, consider a refectory-style table that's bound to make mealtimes memorable.

Do the most when you host

If you're a keen entertainer and love to host, then glass is a natural choice. Because it's transparent, you can push the boat out with your tableware without worrying about clashing colours. To nail a striking tabletop, why not create a statement centrepiece using florals, candles and even a touch of tinsel over the festive season? For added flair, we love using metallic placemats or serving plates and bowls.