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Be curious

Seek. Explore. Imagine. Here on Unboxed, ideas and inspiration are always flowing freely. From spaces nearby, to homes and workplaces across Europe, be inspired by MADE in the real world.

Get in touch and get out there

Like the look of a MADE piece but want the proper lowdown? Unboxed lets us connect with other likeminds and find out how they’ve used those pieces to make more of their spaces. Think honest reviews, helpful advice and even face-to-face meetings to see the way they’ve brought MADE to life.

Share your flair

Whether it’s snapping a picture, giving a fresh perspective or opening doors, Unboxed is about sharing real rooms and real lives - for real inspiration. Here we upload pictures of our spaces, offer up our individual style sense and inspire each other. Join us and do the same.

Join the conversation

A bold idea. A new perspective. A creative quandary. Our Unboxed community is ready to welcome you in and get talking. And we know you’ll get on. So come, ask questions and make more of MADE.COM.