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Bespoke furnishing, for Uncle residents.

Picture this: moving into a new place, already filled with furniture you love. This isn’t a dream, it’s our bespoke furnishing service. Available to all Uncle residents. It’s a bit like having a moving-in genie. All you need to do is choose between 3 style sets - either curated by us or yourself - and we’ll supply them. Not only that, you’ll be eligible for specialist customer care, a generous discount, early dispatch, free delivery and free furniture assembly.

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The benefits

Free delivery

There’ll be no charge for delivering your items.

Free assembly

We’ll build your new furniture for you, for free.

MADE discount

5% off for the lifetime of your Uncle tenancy


Your items could be dispatched sooner.

The Style Options

Our team of design experts have compiled two key looks for you: Modern and Industrial. Curated using their expertise on interiors and designed trends, while leaving room to add your own twist. With Freestyle, however, you get to choose your own look from scratch. Have a look - see which option suits you best. Once you've made a choice, we'll take care of the laborious bits.

The Modern package


Drawing inspiration from city architecture, Modern is a sleek, urban look that could’ve come from the pages of an interiors magazine. We’ve chosen 10 pieces in grey and monochrome with high-gloss finishes, interesting textures and the odd metallic accent. It’s perfect for city dwellers who want to come home to clean, contemporary surroundings.

Package cost: £3,390

  • free delivery
  • free assembly
  • express delivery


Imagine a Brooklyn loft, filled with reclaimed wood, rugged metal and vintage leather. That’s the industrial look. Tailor made for busy urbanites who want an unfussy, effortlessly cool home. We’ve softened this tough-luxe look with a few copper accents and soft greys. But you can nail the Williamsburg look with a few sentimental ornaments, old books and plants.

Package cost: £3,102

  • free delivery
  • free assembly
  • express delivery


This is an option for confident decorators. With Freestyle, you can choose all the pieces yourself, giving you full control over your interior style. The dispatch time will be the same as our normal on-site service, but you still get the most important perk: free delivery.

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