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Megan Ellaby house tour 2018

She's eclectic: step inside Megan Ellaby's colourful home

Fashion influencer Megan Ellaby’s Victorian terrace in Manchester is a masterclass in kaleidoscopic colour clashing. Her approach to decorating is the same as getting dressed: playful, bright and very maximalist. Despite only moving in a year ago with boyfriend George (plus mischievous dachshund pups Peter and Nancy), they’ve made the place their own, with “lashings of colour, moody lighting, candles, artwork and music.” Here, Megan gives us a guided tour of her house, room by room...


Living room

“Our house was painted white before we moved in. We tried to live all minimal with the white but it didn’t take long to realise it simply wasn’t us and didn’t feel like home. Both myself and George are fans of colour—we love houses where you go in and don’t know where to look as there’s so much to see. That’s what we wanted for our home.”

“Our living room is my favourite place in the house, it’s insanely cosy, especially at this time of year. I'd had my eye on the MADE Scott Sofa in orange for over a year before moving into our home. It was the only thing I was certain we were going to buy for the new place.”

“The rest of the room took shape around the sofa. The orange velvet is so statement and admittedly looked great with the original white walls. But set against the dark grey (almost black) walls? That’s just a game changer entirely!”

“Nothing is permanent. We’re not afraid of colour and know that with paint—and even with furniture to a degree—that everything can be changed, moved around and swapped if it doesn’t work.”

“We had fun experimenting with how far we could push the colours within the house. Honestly? It wasn’t all that considered—we knew what we wanted and went with it, and it just worked.”

Dining room

“We’re big on neon lights as George owns a bar in Manchester that’s filled with them. He had the idea of creating our own custom neon for the dining room to fill an awkward chimney breast without a fireplace. We took the lyrics from ‘our song’ and used my handwriting for the letters. It’s such a special piece and always a talking point with guests.”

“We picked up a reclaimed teak sideboard from an antique shop, along with a set of six brown leather ‘school’ chairs before we moved in so the room took shape around them. Next came our 60s light fittings (which I am totally in love with) and then the green walls. It was all quite a slow process but it is now the perfect place for hosting!”

“George and I love music, so it’s important for us to showcase that throughout our home. You’ll find guitars on the walls, concert posters and portraits of our favourite musicians, not to mention our record collection. We’re hugely inspired by the 60s and 70s and I think that shows, too. We like to mix the old with the new for a really eclectic vibe.”

“The lighting in a room can change the entire vibe of the space so it’s super important to get it right. We’ve played around with our light fittings three times already and we’ve only been in the house a year.”

“I'm obsessed with lighting. I like statement ceiling lights, something with the wow-factor. But lamps are my weakness, I can’t stop buying them!”

Guest bedroom

“My decorating advice? Don't rush! It’s inevitable you will, but then you’ll wish you didn’t! The first things we did to our home are now the things I’d like to change—but that’s the fun of doing up a house.”

“Our approach to buying artwork is usually to just buy it, not consider it too much and find a home for it later! We’re very relaxed with things like that, the perfect spot will always turn up.”


“The previous bathroom was very nondescript and we wanted to make it our own. It's testament to what you can do in a small space. It's now my dream bathroom. Our little pink palace.”

“As we're in a Victorian terrace, we chose a Victorian-style suite. We went for dusty pink herringbone tiles, clashed with the honeycomb floor. I'd seen this style of floor in many Manchester cafes and always loved it.”

Walk-in wardrobe

“I don’t believe there are any rules to follow with either interiors or fashion, you’ve just got to do you and work out what you love and what makes it feel like home.”

“One ‘unwritten’ rule was to get a second-hand or antique piece of furniture in every room. We’ve pretty much nailed it. It’s similar to the way I style myself too, I love to incorporate new pieces with vintage.”


“My office is in the loft so was a tricky room to get right, layout-wise. We’ve played around with the furniture more times than I care to admit but I think we’ve finally got the balance just right.”

“I wanted the space to be bright, fun and motivating, and that’s definitely reflected with the wall colour. However, I wanted my love of retro furniture to still shine through—and my beloved teak dressing table compliments the MADE Paco walnut desk beautifully.”

“One thing that really changed the game for me was the wicker room divider, such a simple piece but it meant I could hide my clothing rail—which is essential for my job but not the most sightly of things to see when you walk in the room.”

Master bedroom

“George had this amazing antique bed with an exquisite decorative headboard. It’s a little out of my comfort zone in terms of interior design. But styled with mid-century furniture and velvet accents, it all came together beautifully.”

“The pink velvet Margot chair from MADE was something George picked out after spying it in a hotel—and I’ve never loved him more for that suggestion!”

“I'm so in love with my home and the thought of ever moving out breaks my heart. I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved in just a year as it really was such a blank canvas. We still have a long way to go until it’s perfect—like designing our dream kitchen, getting all the woodwork painted, changing the radiators and converting the cellar into a liveable room—but it truly feels like 'Megan and George’s house'—something we were desperate to get right.”

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Article written by: Natalie Wall
Photography by: Veerle Evens

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