Still in the dark: why we still love #styleitdark trend

The world is going through a dark time… and we love it. #styleitdark is more popular than ever and we still can’t get enough of the daring colour trend. From decadent boudoirs to moody kitchens, the dark arts are dominating the whole house as well as the interiors world. To help you join this inky revolution, we’ve put together seven reasons we can’t get enough of this ever-growing trend.

White noise

For generations, we’ve been led to believe that light colours open things up. But when you’re faced with a small, dark space, no amount of white washing will turn that box room into a TARDIS. One thing the #styleitdark trend has taught us is you shouldn’t fight the darkness. “We often think that we need to paint a room white to make it appear brighter,” says Kate Watson-Smyth of Mad About The House. “However, white paint will only brighten a room if there is natural light for it to bounce off.” By painting it dark (ceilings included), you add depth and character to a space which can be brightened up with colourful accessories.

Colour us surprised

Another myth about white paint is that it makes colours “pop”. In fact, darker shades make them more vibrant. “I find that dark walls accentuate colours,” says Jenny Kakoudakis. Clashing colours or even the natural hues from plants look more sophisticated against a dark backdrop.

A right shiner

Vivid colours not your thing? Copper, brass and chrome positively sing against a darker backdrop: “Reflective surfaces compliment a dark interior. A dark wall can look much lighter when paired with gloss-finish furniture or a glass cabinet,” says interior designer Karen Knox.

When you ain’t got that money, honey

You don’t need cash to make a splash. Introducing inky blues, smokey greys or luscious greens can make your home look expensive. Photo Editor Anna Wilkins took a small new build and gave it bags of personality and an upmarket feel by painting the walls dark: “like with photography, everything looks great against dark colours.”

Stand out art

Just like colours, artwork often has more of an impact against a dark wall: “a lot of the dark spaces that really work are the ones that are broken up by artwork,” says Karen. “A curated display transforms the colour behind it into negative space.”

It’s not all or nothing

Forget what Changing Rooms taught you. Feature walls don’t mean patterned wallpaper anymore. Take a tentative step into the biggest trend of recent years by painting one wall. “Choosing a dark colour is a brave move, so start with an accent wall and get used to it for a while,” says Karen. It’ll help ease you into the change and help you feel more comfortable painting the whole room. And if one wall is as far as you can go, no problem! You do you.

In the mood

Pale colours may create a calm, neutral environment but darker tones lend themselves to more mature, moodier atmospheres which is ideal for a home office. This bold move means you won’t just feel brave while painting a room dark, that space will always make you feel empowered.

Basic instinct

For the design-savvy, navy is the new white. Most would advise going against current trends, but sometimes, you just have to trust your own instincts: “The biggest mistake you can make while decorating your home is trying to be too different. We nearly painted our entire kitchen green because we convinced ourselves navy was too ‘basic’. I’m so glad we didn’t,” says writer Alex Holder.

What comes next?

It’s very clear that #styleitdark is here to stay but in 2018, the colour trend will welcome more colours and finishes. According to Dulux and Little Greene, 2018 will see deep plums, rusts, moss greens, and dusky pinks introduced. No matter how it evolves, we’re on board.

Article written by: Carly-Ann Clements

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