Trend focus: Cali Retro

Trend focus: Cali Retro

We’re California dreaming, circa 1976. This trend takes us back to the apartments of a retro West Coast, with a heady mix of colour and texture bringing bohemian luxury into autumn and beyond.

The Mood

Cali Retro evokes the optimism and freedom of a pre-recession 70s. Ideas of free love, liberation and environmentalism are expressed in earthy natural materials, while velvets and metallics allude to a decadent party mentality. This trend is all about harnessing the freedom to express yourself.

The Look

If you’re tired of Nordic minimalism but find high-glamour OTT, Cali Retro is the perfect middle ground. Warm colours and mohair textiles pair with muted wools and leathers, but the furniture silhouettes are clean-cut and sleek.

The Reference Points

This trend offers plenty of fodder for your Pinterest board. Click on Boogie Nights movie stills (think Rollergirl reclining on a raffia chair), Hockney’s colour-rich LA swimming pools and the bold, high-contrast finish of early Polaroid photography.

The era’s strong female characters are another key reference point; think Wonder Woman, Annie Hall and Joan Didion as the poster girls (or women) to channel here. Maximalist florals, corduroy flares and unapologetically high platforms are the fashion counterparts, tying in neatly with AW17’s 70s-inspired runway collections from Prada and Chloe.

The architecture to influence Cali Retro? Look to the world's most infamous high rise towers, (the more show-off the better) and the brutalism of London’s Barbican concrete with dark woods and metallic brass details.

The Colour Palette

Rich shades of burnt orange, yellow ochre and saxony blue are contrasted with a pared-back trio of charcoal, concrete and chalk pink. Do them in bold blocks, or seek them out via large-scale geo prints and tile motifs.

Article written by: Holly Swayne

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