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Garden Bistro & Balcony Sets

Garden Bistro Sets

You cannot evoke a stronger feeling of a charming outdoor French café setting than with your very own garden bistro set at home. If you are lucky enough to have plenty of outdoor space available to indulge yourself with lunch out in the garden, there are countless possibilities to furnish the space with various garden furniture sets. But if you have limited space, a metal garden bistro set might be precisely that easy and hassle-free option you were searching for. There is some inherent appeal of that two-person setting out on the streets of Paris, shaded under the trees with a cup of coffee and some French pastries. Now you can recreate that unique feeling a few steps away with our garden bistro sets.

Fitting outdoor furniture onto a finite amount of space available on your balcony is always a bit of a challenge. Setting up bulkier and more permanent furniture might limit your options and reduce your space significantly. This is where a bistro set can become your perfect balcony furniture. Easily foldable, bistro sets can instantly create a coffee or lunch spot and neatly pack away when you are finished. It is an excellent option requiring minimal space – just two chairs and a table, with plenty of room for two. Constructed from metal, these sets require a bare minimum amount of care, and will stay in great shape for many years to come.

If you are looking to create a bright and airy French café mood, choose a white bistro set that will shine through in any kind of setting. If it is a dash of colour you are looking to add to your space, perhaps a teal coloured set is what was missing from your lunch breaks.

Garden bistro sets are one of the easiest and most versatile options for any pop-up break space. It is perfect if you want to save time and space, and perhaps even unnecessary pondering over which garden furniture to choose to combine to create your outdoor space – it is always perfectly matched together in style, colour and material. 

If you are not stretched for space or imagination and want something a bit more permanent and perhaps even lavish, have a look at our whole collection of garden dining table and outdoor dining chairs for that custom garden atmosphere right at your fingertips.