Garden Sofa Sets

Garden Lounge Sets

Whether hosting garden parties is your thing, or you just love spending time outside in the sun during those peaceful moments, you can create any of these settings with some outdoor seating. Garden lounge sets, as well as garden sofas, are a great and easy way to instantly transform your patio or garden into a cosy and comfortable outdoor living room. Browse through our collection of carefully designed lounge sets to find the best match for your patio.

Measure twice

Every outdoor space is unique, so there are plenty of ways for you to set it up just the way you want it. Just make sure you do not accidentally run out of space! Before deciding on a particular lounge set, measure out your area to make sure that your chosen pieces will comfortably fit onto your patio, while you still have some space to move around. 

Another thing to consider is storage. Are you planning to store your furniture in the shed or garage when the weather turns? If you do not have that option, you may want to invest in some furniture covers.

For smaller spaces, you can choose from our garden 4-seater sets, which will give you plenty of space to relax with friends. Browse through our garden furniture sets to find the ideal one for you. However, if your outdoor space is of a particular shape, or you might want some flexibility to set up and move your furniture around, you can also opt for modular garden seating – this way you arrange your patio into as many configurations as you might need. Plus, this kind of modularity will also come in handy when you might want to stow away your garden furniture for the winter.

Choosing your material

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding the right material and finish for the garden style you are going for. Wood is a timeless classic that will provide cosiness to your patio and will blend in beautifully into any green space. You can choose warmer toned wood lounge sets for a more classic feel, or slightly cooler tones for that Scandinavian garden feel.

Another great option is rattan garden furniture. With a hint of retro, rattan will give your patio a luxurious feeling whilst still being durable and low in maintenance. If it tends to rain a lot in your area, substitute rattan for its more contemporary alternative – polyrattan. With the same kind of intricate weaving, synthetic polyrattan is a more durable option that will require practically no maintenance to keep it in perfect shape.

For a more industrial look and outstanding durability, browse through our metal frame garden sofa sets. They are practically effortless to maintain, easy to move around and come in a variety of frame styles to fit any outdoor space.  

Accessorising your lounge area

For the finishing touches, there are plenty of options to finish off your patio set. Add extra outdoor cushions to make the experience even more comfortable and give your lounge a personal, one-of-a-kind look. Or add a garden coffee table for that extra space for snacks and drinks, and to bring various furniture pieces together. Usually, it is the little details that give you that custom feel, so feel free to experiment and let your imagination run free.

Caring for your outdoor furniture

Every outdoor furniture material is carefully selected to give you the best performance possible. Nonetheless, each material carries its own particularities. Keep in mind that if you leave your wooden furniture in hot and dry conditions without annual re-staining, it might start to splinter. Rattan garden furniture is a perfect addition to your garden, but if you leave it out in constant rain, it might begin to lose its initial vibrancy. Make sure to think about what weather conditions you usually have in your area and choose the materials accordingly.

Garden furniture accessories, such as garden sofa cushioning, make your outdoor experience that much more comfortable and welcoming. And even though they are designed to be more weather resistant, you probably should take them inside when it rains to prevent them from premature wear and tear. For a longer life, you should cover our outdoor lounge set up with some furniture covers or store it somewhere indoors throughout the colder seasons