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Double Mattresses

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20 products
£100 off bed & mattress duos

The Hybrid One

Double Mattress

£ 875
£100 off bed & mattress duos

The Memory One

Double Mattress

£ 775
£100 off bed & mattress duos

The Essential One

Double Mattress

£ 575
£100 off bed & mattress duos

The Natural One

Double Mattress

£ 975

Love to spend a day in bed? Us too!

There is no rule as to how big your bed should be - the size and dimension is up to you. There is no rule of how you want to lie in your big double-sized bed, whether it is diagonal, horizontal, curled up or moving around all night long, waking up at the other side of the bed in the morning. Double mattresses are great for a cosy Sunday morning breakfast in bed and to later snuggle up under your soft and crisp white bedlinen to build a cave, as you did in your childhood. And just to let you know, our mattresses often come with removable covers that function as protectors since you can easily put them in the washing machine.

A god night sleep

Double mattresses are the ideal object for a night of guaranteed good night sleep.

You will probably know how all of us tend to appreciate different tensions to sleep on. Some of us like it soft and cosy, others prefer something in between and others like it a bit more firm.

Pocket sprung mattresses for a night with no disturbance

Sleep is a delicate topic and not everyone is gifted with the ability to close one’s eyes and sleep for a full amount of eight hours, only to open the eyes in the morning once the sunrays softly touch your face, putting on a happy face and feeling refreshed. No, there are those of us who can not really fall asleep, listen to an audiobook to distract yourselves from analysing the to-do list of the next year and once we actually relax and start dozing off, our partner starts to move in their dream - we are wide awake! 

We got you!

For this exact case and to help you get your rest, we carefully designed the optimum solution. Our medium-firm tension pocket sprung mattresses. Each pocket works individually while you move so if your partner tosses and turns around, only their part of the mattress will move while you will not feel a thing.  

Sleeping on clouds or at the ocean? Your dreams will decide

Our memory foam mattresses mould to your body to give you this feeling of extra comfort, just like a day on the beach, once your body finds the right position on the soft sand with a fluffy towel between you and mother earth. We are sure that the moment you lie down, you can feel the fresh salty air in your hair and listen to the waves, lullabying you into a dream world. Have a look at our many options, waiting to join your bedroom. 

P.s. it doesn’t end here! We also have pocket sprung mattresses with memory foam toppers … and much more!