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Bathroom furniture

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Design your bathroom like a movie set

Some of the most iconic movie scenes take place in a bathroom just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman who sings along to her walkman music, lying in a big bathtub under mountains of foam. Another moment happens at Home Alone 2 where the young boy Kevin pretends he wasn’t living in a five-star hotel on his own, by imitating his uncle behind a shower curtain. 

We know that a good looking bathroom is not only important for the cinema screen but for each one of us.

Luxury in your home 

We have many ideas on how to transform your bathroom into one, straight from The Ritz in New York City all the way to the UK. An elegant touch could be added by simple things like a matching mirror. You can choose from many different shapes, also outside the ordinary squares and circles, with brass or matt black and even a marble shelf to give it a bit of extra class.  

Mirrors and other accessories 

Our bathroom furniture is not only designed to meet high standards and the best possible quality but also comes at an affordable price, allowing you to find matching objects that speak the same design language. 

While you might have already fallen in love with one of our mirrors, the right lighting will not only highlight your face in the morning after a splash of fresh water, but also create a cosy atmosphere for a long bath at the end of the week. Our many different wall lights for instance could be placed on the left and right side of your sink - you don’t need to book a high-class hotel anymore. 

Towels that feel like silk

The missing ingredient for a perfect SPA day is a big fluffy and soft towel. The beautiful sets that we have waiting for you, include a big one to keep you warm as well as smaller ones to wrap around wet hair. Matching towel sets might be that bit of extra sophistication that you were looking for. You could even match the colours of your towels with the rest of the bathroom. And if you need some more storage solutions for your bathroom cabinets or counter space, we have tips and tricks waiting for you. We want your bathroom to feel like a place you like to spend time in, whether it is big or small and whether you share it with your family or have it all to yourself - a pamper day at home is waiting for you.