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Time for an upgrade

It’s often the small things in our homes that can truly make a big difference. Not only do decorative accessories add some character, but they will also turn your house into your home. Let your personality shine by adding some of our hand-picked designer accessories perfect for your every space. From decorative vases to colourful wall art, browse through our stunning selection of designer accessories now and let us inspire you to decorate your home with something new. 

What decorative accessories does MADE offer?

Give your home a style upgrade with our range of decorative accessories that are perfect for every interior style. From the bedroom to the kitchen and even the hallway, think about adding some personal finishing touches for the ultimate wow-factor. To get those compliments rolling in, think about dressing up your blank walls with some of our statement mirrors, gorgeous clocks or framed prints. For some added glamour and pops of colour, take a look at our designer vases, striking sculptures or even some decorative plant stands for a more polished finish. 

Tips on how to decorate your home

Take your home to the next level with our decorative accessories. If you’re not sure where to start, we think the living room is always best. To create the lounge of your dreams, sometimes only a few essentials are necessary. Start with defining the vibe you want to create. Classic, Scandinavian or Industrial? Whichever one you choose, beware to match your decoration to create a harmonious look and feel. Once that’s sorted, start with your walls. Give them a pretty facelift by creating a gallery wall filled with your fondest memories. For something even bolder, consider re-painting your walls ina striking colour. Continue by looking at empty spaces, such as your coffee table, shelves, sideboard or even the floor and think about what could be missing. Maybe it’s a freestanding floor lamp, a colourful vase or bowl or maybe just a statement piece of art that truly highlights your personality. 

Struggling with space? Add one (or more) of our mirrors to your walls and make your place feel bigger. We recommend handing them opposite a window the create the illusion of more light space. Handy, right? For some more wall décor ideas for smaller living spaces take a look at this inspirational article

If you want to breathe some light into your home, then populate it with some greenery. Not only do houseplants and flowers create some stunning focal points on your bedside table, next to your sofa or by the window, but they will also make your home feel like a calming oasis. To create your perfect indoor botanical garden, take a look at our decorative vases or statement plant pots that range from glass to metallic so you can give every interior style an easy glam-up.