Pretty 3 windows flat in Marseille with bohemian chic touches

We head for Marseille to explore Aurélie’s vintage bohemian apartment

Aurélie Roman was looking for a typical apartment in Marseilles six years ago when she found her Provençal gem. She lives there with partner Cedric, 3-year-old Marilou and Elvis the cat, and divides her time between her work as Editor-in-Chief of Little magazine and her home design blog BlueberryHome. Her latest passion is for bohemian folk style.

Planning and preparation

“We wanted a typical Marseillais style of apartment called a ‘3 Windows’ - named for a building regulation dating back to 1847. Our biggest investment was building work because the apartment wasn’t in good condition. We were able to knock through from kitchen into living room too.”

“3 Windows” light up the apartment

"My living room is definitely my favourite place. It’s well lit as well as cosy thanks to the glass wall we designed and built ourselves - our biggest challenge. Luckily my father-in-law is a metalworker. He managed the technical side. As for my sofa, I was looking for a brighter colour to sit against the teal wall, and ochre yellow seems like the perfect choice."

Making the most of minimal space

"I love our apartment but it has its negative aspects - the lack of storage space is annoying. This is quite normal with old apartments, they are not super functional. Living with two people in a 70-square-metre flat means we must all be careful not to trigger a crisis. "

Bargain hunt

"When I buy something for the apartment, I care about aesthetics, functionality and value for money. I buy from antique shops, but also online. I like the feeling that I’ve got a good deal, and spotted a piece that isn’t yet fashionable but will be soon.”

Multiple sources of inspiration

"I find inspiration everywhere: magazines, holidays, people, fashion and more. Caroline Gomez, Bonjour Diary and Nessa Buonomo are the three Instagram accounts that I love, and I trust my own taste. My Berber carpets are among my favourite things. A deco detail can make all the difference. It can be glass, furniture or just something crazy. You must surprise yourself to surprise your guests. Be sensitive to pretty things."

A southern spirit with vintage accents

"I’m inspired by bohemian and vintage style. I love the work of Honoré, a famous designer from Marseilles. The Honoré armchair, with its metal frame and padded cushions, is sublime. My bent cane headboard brings a vintage touch to the bedroom. I wanted a bright room with a calm aesthetic for a peaceful atmosphere.”

Living in the fast lane

"Mornings are usually a mad rush. I gulp down my coffee while getting Marilou ready for school. On Wednesdays, Marilou doesn’t go to school so the rhythm is much calmer. We are free to do what we like.”

Taste the rainbow

"I love blue, but I am also moving towards pink now too. I care a lot about the atmosphere of my home. My latest inspiration is the tropical trend, and I’ve chosen a tropical wallpaper for Marilou’s room.”

Aurélie’s dream home

"I dream of of my ideal home every day. Located in my current neighbourhood - Eugène Pierre / Camas - it has a huge living room, with plenty of storage space and my perfect decor. There’s a beautiful garden or terrace with a view too.”

Entertaining for fun

"We love having friends over. The party we organised to celebrate my birthday a month ago was pretty special. I didn't think that I'd still be dancing and singing along to Céline Dion at 31."

The art of cocooning

"Feeling cosy in your own home is so important. We love natural wood and carpets, and like to display personal things like photographs, books and magazines. A working kitchen, beautiful colours and music in the background all add to the atmosphere of home."

Marseille is a great place to live

"I love walking along the Corniche and going to the beach. My neighbourhood is charming, with its leafy central location, small designer shops and restaurants. There are lots of young families for us to make friends with too.”

Article written by: Manon Folligan
Photography by: Edwige Lamy

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