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Glassware & Drinkware

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Glasses to look through

Did you ever take a look at the world through a glass of water? Can you recall how dimensions change, how the surrounding suddenly curls up and sun rays reflect on the surface of your drink? We want you to close your eyes and feel the fascination the effect has caused you as a child. Ready? Now open your eyes and take a look at the beautiful glassware that we at designed so that your childhood memories are always close by and your sophisticated self is present in the moment. 

Glamour in your hands

While your glass as a child was filled with juice or water, you can now enjoy a delicious cocktail at home, straight from your bar cart that has never looked any better, together with your new set of ribbed glass tumblers. Take out your elegant mixing glass and matching metal stirrer and create your favourite drink, put on music and enjoy your first sip from a glass that not only looks good but feels like a high-quality design object in your hands too. 

Invite your friends over and surprise them

You can easily surprise your friends with a new set of patterned tumblers, whiskey glasses, long drink glasses and a matching slim glass bottle for water with an oak stopper on top. In case there was ever a friend to doubt your knowledge on wine, you can be sure that those days are over once you pull out a bottle of red wine from the wine rack and with just one move, pour each of your guests a glass of wine while explaining the characteristics of the taste they are about to experience. 

P.s.: If you prefer white wine glasses, we got you! Oh and even a set of glasses for fancy Champagne is just a click away. 

Like to take your tea on the road?

While we are used to rainy days and constant weather changes, a hot cup of tea to keep us warm is always a good company to take with you wherever you go. That’s why we love our insulated travel tumblers and thermos jugs to keep your drinks warm for hours. They come in many different styles with not only different material and colour options but also smaller details to choose from such as the right lid. Have a good day!