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Brass Plant Pots & Planters Pot

Showcase your plants with bold brass

If you're after a new home for your indoor plants, then you're in the right place. Our brass plant pots bring a sense of modern style to any space, with a unique metallic finish that's guaranteed to draw attention. Our collection here at MADE.COM also comprises a range of shapes and designs – so you'll find a suitable pot for any of your beloved botanicals. Whether you need a more spacious brass planter for larger leaves or a smaller pot for petite plants, we're here to help.

Pick out your favourite pot...

A new pot doesn't just need to suit your plants, it also needs to complement the rest of your living space. Think about where your new brass plant pot will be sitting – does it need to slot neatly into a tight corner, or will this planter be taking centre stage? Our raised planters are delightfully curvy and available in an assortment of sizes, making them highly versatile and able to fill any awkward gaps. Need something a bit more heavy-duty? Our sturdy plant stands can easily house larger plants and occupy more sizeable spaces.

...then pair with a new plant

While you're picking out some stylish pots and planters, why not treat yourself to some new plants to go with them? Our collection of indoor plants can easily breathe some fresh life into your house and add vibrancy to any interior. Smaller plants can effortlessly elevate shelves and windowsills without occupying too much space, while a larger plant can completely transform an entire room. Mix and match different plants to create an arrangement that looks good and will also help to purify the air.

Brighten up the room

Once you've found your dream brass plant pots, why not continue to accessorise the rest of the room? Brass is a unique material that can easily be complemented with other metallic furnishings. Consider choosing a modern metal floor lamp to help shine a light on your interior design. Keeping your room well lit helps to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for guests. Alternatively, a metal TV cabinet can become a stylish companion for your brass pots, while also offering some handy storage options. If you're going for a contemporary theme with some unmissable features, then these metallic pieces are a sterling choice.