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Cat & Dog Beds

Beds for everyone in the family - your pets too

Sleeping is truly something beautiful at the end of a long day. The moment we touch the soft and still crisp, freshly washed bed linen, the idea to sink back into the cushions and fall asleep is just calming. A matching set of two pillows that feel like clouds under your head are the perfect company for a night of deep sleep and a peaceful dream.

Your furry friend will be happier than ever

You might ask yourself why you are reading lines about your potential next bed - well, it is because we want to show you how your pet will feel once you put a new dog or cat bed in your home. The ideal sleep spot for your furry friend is very close and both of you will be equally happy. To be more precise - you will love its design and your pet will never want another bed after a long night sleeping on pure comfort. 

Your dog will never have a better sleep

Our dog beds are easy to clean and come in different colours and materials such as elegant cord, so you can match them with the rest of your home and textiles. The perfect rug could be a beautiful transition between your pets bed and your design furniture.

Because some dogs are small and others are large, also our beds come in different sizes so you can have the right measurements for your pet. 

Cats living in a tent - never seen before?

Compared to the dog beds, our cat beds are different since we know they love to climb and hide. We are very sure about the fact that your cat will feel amazing, sleeping in its own little tent or jumping up and down from the wall-mounted shelves made from wood with washable cushions. Cats are great at entertaining themselves which is why the more exciting their bed is, the more exercise they will have. 

Storage options for your pet’s toys

Your pets probably have some items they love. To store them, we found the right solution in just placing them in a storage box under their bed. We designed multifunctional options so the pet toys won’t lie everywhere in your home. And even the food storage won’t have to be placed out of sight anymore since we have elegant looking foot storage pots in a set of two with a shovel that is included.