Small & 2 Seater Sofas

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Small 2 seater sofas that make a big impact

We are here to help make your space become not only cosy but also practical. Our design team has taken on the task to create small sofas that perfectly fit every home. Whether you have a studio flat, need a new place to rest in the bedroom or just need an additional seat for your garden - our small 2 seater sofas are just what you are looking for. Tiny houses and micro spaces can look just as great as your big farmhouse and that’s why our 2 seater couches are not only space-saving options but also come with the right material for you to browse through and choose the perfect one.

What size is a 2 seater sofa?

The average 2 seater sofa size is around 175 cm in Width and around 80 cm in height. Depending on whether you opt for an armless small sofa, the width may be as short as 125 cm. Got a bit more room to spare? Then look no further than our 4 seater sofas. Whether it’s in leather, fabric or velvet, these sofas are sure to make a big impact in any home. 

Cosy and elegant - our 2 seater sofas offer both

We love cosy, but we also love elegance which is why we designed our dreamy Ilana velvet sofa that comes in a romantic pink as well as a deep green with brass legs - we also believe that brass accents can never be enough, so why not pair it with the Faye floor lamp in brass and marble?  

If you are searching for a statement piece that you can be sure to be an immediate eye catcher, the Kooper 2 seater sofa for your bedroom is ideal. With its unique shape and material, you can be sure to not see something similar in many other homes.

Choose the right colour for your small sofa

Now you might think that all you dream of is a space to host friends and family and yes, we heard you. With seven different colours, the Haru 2 seater couch is not only transforming into a bed but also comes in seven different fabrics, colours and leg finishes and even a faux sheepskin. Since we also love a classic touch, we think our premium 2 seater leather sofa Dallas is perfect to relax. And for a touch more industrial chic, look no further than our black 2 seater leather sofa Harlow. Simply add our Novak coffee table and black and white Freda rug, and you’re all set. 

A couch to sit back and relax

We all know that the sun is not showing up as much as we want it, but that doesn’t mean that you can not bring it right into your home. A bright colour not only gives a nice twist, but it will automatically lift your mood whether it is in the morning after a good night sleep or the last thing before going to bed. On the other hand, it will be the most comforting feeling if rain falls on the rooftop, and you are tucked into a blanket on our small sofa Orson where the big cushions invite you to cuddle up and enjoy the dramatic weather changes.

And if the weather should be great, why not take your new sofa outdoors? Enjoy some sunshine with our stunning 2 seater garden sofas. Kolbe and Jonah are both made from durable materials, washable covers and hence perfect to relax during a warm summer’s night. What an upgrade for your outdoor space!

In case you might be moving soon, are thinking of expanding or just about adding similar pieces to one of our 2 seater sofas - don’t worry. Many also come in different sizes so if you ever wish to add a sofa in the same style but slightly bigger, that won’t be a problem and we even deliver them right to your house.