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3 Seater Sofas

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Between small and large - beautiful 3 seater sofas

Homes come in every shape and size and so does taste and aesthetics.

That’s why our goal is to offer a broad range of carefully designed 3 seater sofas for you to choose from and to match your individual needs, imagination and home.

Whether is a small space where a 2 seater sofa would be the perfect option or a large space that would go well with a 4 seater sofa, we found a path in the middle to meet all your needs and give you as much comfort as possible - the perfect size to stretch out your legs or invite others.

Retro, Scandinavian, industrial and so much more

Some of you might be looking for a retro vibe - which we love by the way - while others prefer more comfortable with a cosy Scandinavian style that feels warm while looking minimalistic and reduced in its geometry and colours. Whether you are looking for bright colours, natural tones or a simple industrial grey - we thought of each and everyone of you.

Stay warm and cosy with extra elegance

Have you for instance seen our dark blue Scandi inspired Avalon sofa that just by the look of it, makes you feel relaxed? It is one of these sofas that sets the imagination free to your next Sunday evening with calm music playing in the background, Earl Grey in your mug and woollen socks that keep you warm. You might feel similar about the Dion sofa in blush pink and light grey velvet that seems bulky from far but is held by an elegant brass or chrome frame that gives it the extra elegance - the choice of material and colour is yours.

Pastel colours - yes, please!

For those of you that love a pastel sage green and many soft feather-filled cushions to be surrounded with, check out our Malini sofa, a collaboration with the award-winning Italian design trio Busetti, Garuti and Redaelli. Just by clicking through the photos, you will want to jump right onto it and stay forever.

A long love story

We do not only love great design but high quality too. That’s why we want your sofa to last a long time just like our leather pieces that become beautiful by time and create a unique patina that will bring you joy for many years. Our leather sofa Jarrod comes in a truffle brown and an outback tan leather, held by a modern slim metal frame in matt black. Did you know that the Jarrod sofa - like many others - comes in different sizes just like the armchair as well as a corner sofa?

Your traditions, our design task 

If your home is more in the need of a classic Chesterfield sofa, we took that as an inspiration to create the pine green Sloan sofa with a firm frame, soft cushions and wooden legs. Imagine it next to a pile of your favourite books and magazines to browse through and the dark wooden bottle rack that reveals your taste in wine and other delicious beverages. And because the setting reminds one of a traditional British home in the 21st century where old meets new - what about a small extra such as the botanical illustrations from 1805, found in the archives of the Natural History Museum.