Round Dining Tables

Round dining tables for social seating

Get set and serve with a round dining table from MADE.COM. Not only do round tables bring a room's decor together, but the curved edges also make this the perfect centrepiece for your dining area, without compromising on space (or style). Round tables are also a great choice for get-togethers as they let everyone face one another to keep the conversation flowing. Browse our collection for round extendable dining tables in durable hardwoods, which are big enough for your nearest and dearest. Or take a look at our compact and lightweight versions for kitchens, studios and smaller spaces.

How to pick the perfect round table

The first thing to think about is how many you'll be seating and where you plan to put the table in your space. If you have a dedicated dining room, putting a round dining table in the middle of the floor will anchor the room and focus attention on the main event – the food. Plus, everyone gets to be face-to-face and there's no more bumping into each other to get seated. Choose a round extendable dining table if you're dreaming of dinner parties or hosting the whole family. Working with a multi-purpose space? Try adding a small round table to create an intimate nook for working or reading and highlight the area with a floor lamp.

Match your table to complement your decor

A round dining table adds sweeping curves to your space, which you can play up with matching coasters and dining chairs. Whether you're aiming for classical, contemporary or mid-century, you'll find circular shapes are a key design element that you can echo throughout your home. While we're on the topic of style – consider how the table's material will change the vibe. Think two-tone tables for a modernist look, glass tops for a 70s vibe or a metal-framed table to tie in with lighting.

Create memories to last a lifetime

Perfectly placed, a round kitchen table can draw the eye away from meal prep areas. Achieve that wow factor by installing ceiling lights to place your table centre stage. And if you love sharing your snaps on social media, choose a round dining table that harmonises with the rest of your decor. Then let your imagination run wild with eye-catching plates, serving platters and table arrangements.