5 home office goals to make 2018 your year

New year, no stopping us. With our help, you’ll be living your best life all year. Home office, study/guest room, or a corner to finally start that novel. Whatever space you use for working at home, these five tips will help create a productive office space. That’s one thing you can tick off your list today.

1. Light-bulb moment

“Directional lighting is best if you’re doing desk work,” says Tiffany Grant-Riley, interior stylist and Curate and Display blogger. Having worked from home for over nine years, Tiffany knows the impact of lighting: “Ambient lighting from a string of festoons will make a space feel cosy and welcoming. Failing that, candles. I always light a scented candle when I’m working.”

2. A bright idea

"Bright colours are a really good way of keeping you switched on,” adds What Olivia Did creator, Liv Purvis. Being a full-time, self-employed blogger means keeping those creative juices flowing is essential. And according to experts, she’s on to something. Research shows blues are calming, reds boost your confidence, and greens unleash your creativity.

3. Elevate your home office

Storage is one of the most important things to consider when designing your work area. Particularly if space is limited. Thinking vertically as well as horizontally could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Munich-based interior blogger Dorothea, of Living Elements, likes creating elevated spots using simple wire mounted memo boards to keep things neat and tidy.

4. Space for inspiration

Keeping your workspace fresh by adding prints that inspire you can help productivity. “I can never resist a beautiful print,” says Wunderblumen’s Daniela who adds them to every room of her German apartment. “They don’t need to be expensive or by a famous artist. They just need to lure me in with their colours, their illustrations or their message.”

5. Office jungle

And, as no room's complete without a bit of greenery, don't forget to add a plant or two to your desk.  "They do so much in terms of bringing a room to life in more ways than one. It’s rewarding to see something you’ve taken care of grow like crazy,” adds Tiffany. Added bonus: studies have shown that plants reduce stress and prevent fatigue.

Article written by: Yulia Aleksandrova

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