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    Five living room lighting ideas to inspire you

    When it comes to getting your living room lit, a basic fabric lampshade and too-dim bulb just won’t cut it anymore. The new wave of lighting is all about impactful designs which still feel integral to your home's overall aesthetic. Getting the right lighting is key for creating atmosphere—the flick of a switch can transform your living room from gloomy to glowy in an instant. Here’s how:

    1. Try a new trend with glass lighting

    Black floor lamp over a sofa

    Glass is having a moment in lighting, from opulent orbs to etched artisanal designs and simple oversized bulbs. Glass bounces light around the room, while its transparency creates a layered-up look—especially when styled with filament or LED tube bulbs.

    Copper table lamp

    But it’s not just about clear glass. Smoked glass is so very right-now and makes for moodier vibes in your living space. Want to warm up the room? Try coloured glass. Or choose frosted glass for dreamy, ethereal ambiance.

    2. Create interest with a contemporary chandelier

    Ceiling light

    Chandeliers and living rooms are the perfect match. They radiate light all round as well as drawing the eye in to a central focal point. They needn’t be chintzy—modern pieces have a playful twist. Think angular metallic stems, LED styles and clusters of filament bulbs suspended from spidery cables.

    Designer chandelier

    When it comes to clusters, keep it low-key. Go for three to five bulbs suspended over a side table or in a cosy corner. Larger groups look really impressive over a central coffee table. But don’t go too OTT or you’ll risk blocking the TV...

    3. Make a feature of metallic lighting

    From luxe high-shine copper to pared-back brushed brass, metallics are having a moment, so add some shine to your lighting. Light fittings in copper and brass add warmth to your space for all the cosy feels. Or choose silver and chrome for a futuristic look.

    Alternatively, copper or brass foil-lined shades create a more understated glow. From retro and industrial looks—think cage-style pendants and vintage tripod lamps—to modernist LED pillars and strips, there are metallic options to suit, no matter your interior style.

    4. Choose lighting designs that work with your space  

    Floor lamps with big footprints, like a tripod style, are a great way to amp up a dim corner—if you've got the room. If floor space is limited, don't worry—you've got options...

    Try slim, elegant wall-mounted designs or table lamps in matching styles to give your room a glow-up without overwhelming the space (and still leaving room for a sofa).

    5. Use lighting to create zones and highlight interesting features  

    Cleverly positioned lighting helps to create designated zones in your living room, giving it a multi-functional purpose. Use angled or concertina-effect lighting to highlight reading corners or workspaces, and directional spotlights to illuminate a gallery-style shelving display or your favourite piece of artwork. Finally, accentuate features (like alcoves, fireplaces or window seats) with a statement piece. Try an oversized star or marble-base floor lamp.

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