How to measure for curtains

We’re not selling sunset, but a good pair of curtains can make your window a work of art – no matter the view outside. And if you’re sick of boring blinds, it’s an easy way to add pattern and texture to a room. But knowing which size to buy is more important than you’d think – it’s all in those extra inches. So if you’re stuck, read on. The golden rule? Net curtains are a no-no.

Step 1: Measure up

Has your ladder passed the wobble test? Tape measure at the ready? It’s time to DIY. Here’s where you’ll get the numbers you need. First, find the length of your curtain pole (fix this to the wall beforehand), then double it to find the perfect curtain width. To avoid any gaps, add an extra 2.5cm so your curtains overlap in the middle. And voila; no more nosy neighbours or morning light interrupting your lie-in.

Step 2: Drop it like it’s hot

Next, decide where you’d like the curtains to fall – this is your drop point. Adding a few additional cm is essential to keep them hanging happy. Above the windowsill gives you a clean, contemporary feel – just measure to 1cm above the sill to save your hems from wear and tear. Go 15cm below to block any light or drafts – we’d recommend this in places you need privacy, like the bedroom. Floor length curtains give you the most drama, especially with Julius’ sultry velvet tones. Here, measure to 1cm above the floor to avoid any creasing.

Step 3: Don’t come up short

You’ll now need to measure from your curtain pole, to that drop point you decided on earlier. So get up that ladder again – you might need a glamorous assistant to hold the tape measure still, while you work out your curtain length. Make sure you start from the top of the pole – this allows extra space for the section of fabric above your curtain’s eyelets.

Step 4: The power of 3

It’s worth being precise to get it right – there’s no use noticing any extra centimetres after you’ve gone to all this effort. To do this, you’ll need to repeat step 3, 3 times. Take your measurements from the top of the curtain pole to your drop point, moving along the window as you go. No complicated equations, here – just use the smallest of the 3 to get the perfect fit.

Step 5: Hang time

Here’s where you get to hang out. Fold your curtains into a zig-zag shape, with every eyelet or ring lined up. Then simply slide onto your curtain pole, adjusting so they’ll hit the centre of the window when closed. Double check they do what you want them to – let the light in or block it out. Then sit back and admire all that hard work. Curtains up – it’s showtime.

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