Lighting ideas for a small dining room

When your small dining room's in the spotlight, you want it to feel cosy, not cramped. One way to take it from gloomy to glowy? Lighting. And lots of it. Lucky for you, we've got some bright ideas to make your dining room look good enough to eat. Dig in.



Floor lamps  
If you're short on space, you don't have to sacrifice on style. Get lit with metallic lighting that'll bounce rays around the room, and show off your best bits. The trend we're loving? Luxe textures. Think sleek copper floor lamps and velvet dining chairs. Just the accompaniment you need for a swish dinner party. 

Table lamps 
Shine a light on your wooden dining table with a strategically placed lamp. Cards on the table: glass lamps take up less visual space, and won't obstruct the light. Win win. If you're after an industrial look, brass table lamps or one made from sleek black metal will keep you (and your dining room) beaming.

Pendant lamps 
Set the mood with pendant lamps to help define your space. Hanging one directly above your dining table will pull the room together, and show off your dining chairs. The showstopper? A glass pendant lamp – those architectural curves will be the talk of the table. Trust us. 

LED lights
After softer lighting for post-dinner drinks? Introducing: LED lamps. Frosted glass gives off a warm, muted glow that's perfect for entertaining. And the cool, geometric shapes make a statement feature in your room. The best bit? LED bulbs last for up to 20,000 hours, meaning less fiddly bulb changes and better energy efficiency. Green light.

The answer to more light without ruining the ambience? Candles. They'll twinkle and flicker for a warm, earthy feel. And candlesticks are an easy way to accessorise without too much fuss. Add a wooden dining table and chairs, and a stoneware dinner set. Now you've got yourself a Scandinavian look. Thank us later.

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