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3 Seater Leather Sofas

3-Seater Leather Sofas

Whether it’s to relax, sleep, chat with friends or binge-watch an entire box set, the sofa is by far the most important piece of furniture in your sitting room. 3-seater leather sofas should therefore not only be comfortable and robust, but also meet your personal needs and reflect your interior design style. What better choice to make than to invest a new 3-seater sofa made of genuine leather?

True leather love with our three-seater sofas

Be it the soft feel, the unique scent, or the spectacular look – a leather sofa is a sure upgrade for any living room. No wonder that every true leather fan needs one of our pieces in their home. Other benefits of this luxe material include its durability and the fact, that it ages gracefully with time. Think you will love your new 3-seater leather sofa now? Wait until you see and feel the unique texture in a few years. We guarantee you will be swooning.

Stylish 3-seater leather sofas perfectly made just for you

You need the perfect piece of leather for your home? Then look no further than Savio. The slim black frame, boxy cushions, and beautiful chalk mink leather make for a true showstopper. Looking for something more modern? Check out Fallyn and fall in love with its sophisticated looks and smooth leather to seal the deal. If your décor mirror pure decadence, then Julianne will surely make an impact in your home. The stylish 3-seater leather sofa is the pure definition of indulgence and lets you relax on the smoothest charm tan premium leather.

Pamper your leather sofa with some extra care

Leather sofas require some special care. While crumbs and dust should regularly be hoovered, a weekly wipe-down with a damp cloth is also recommended in order to maintain the smooth texture. To avoid any discolouration, never expose your sofa to sunlight or heat. For some extra TLC, pamper your 3-seater leather couch twice a year with some special leather soap. This will prevent cracks and keep your leather super soft and shiny.

How to style your 3-seater leather sofa

Be sure to match the rest of your furnishings with your new 3-seater leather sofa. A design in black with stainless steel legs, looks very elegant and can blend wonderfully into a modern ambience. Add some accessories in chrome, like our brushed-brass Aula table or our Austin floor lamp in cooper. A leather sofa in tan on the other hand creates a more rustic atmosphere that can be matched with some wooden coffee tables or chairs, as well as a super soft large rug